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Come and discover our e-bike and e-scooter shop in Marseille !

The electric mobility's specialist in Marseille !


You can find our e-bikes and e-scooter models in sale, as experts of the electric's mobility we will give you advices depending on what you need : quality, low cost, comfort, and even about the battery, the equipment, the components, etc.

City e-bikes

City e-bikes are a big part of our products you can find in our shop, for everyday rides like for simple outings in city.
We have some symbolic models in stock (Odéon from VG, Organ E-bike from Gitane, or  the eC01 D10 from Peugeot) some big brands of e-bikes (Gitane, Peugeot, Neomouv, VG...) available in the store or on our e-shop.


ATV & hybrid e-bikes

We sell a wide variety of e-bikes like hybrid e-bikes and ATV to propose the top quality in termes of sports e-bikes to the sportsman or even to the mountain lovers; like the Montana 2017 from Neomouv (Low cost : 1349€) or the AEB 900 Premium from VélodeVille (new e-bike very effective, high end) or the CRZ XRace from VG (ATV aesthetique and effective at the same time).


Folding e-bikes

At last, we have some folding e-bikes, as usefull as inexpensive, those are the best vehicules to answear to many issues ! For this type of product, it's the Lavil from VG that dominate the market (the quality / price ratio is excellent : 1490€), but it doesn't mean that Neomouv's and Wattitud's folding e-bikes can't get a place into the market for their different qualities (quality, design, low cost, etc) !



You will also find a place where we stock the e-scooters for sale but for the rent too. They may be less autonomic, and less powerful, they also are less expensives and lighter.
We mainly have e-scooters with lithium batteries from Egret and SXT.


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